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For future reference we will be posting daily on our facebook page who is reading on the day. At weekends we have three readers available and one per day through the week unless it is a public holiday; then there are two - three.
We recommend booking your session, particularly at weekends so as not to be disappointed, walking in to find we are booked out. Our facebook reference page is http://www.facebook.com/tarotdaylesford/

We have a wonderful team of expert readers who are available at various times in our busy 7 day week business. Our receptionists Leigh, Alisa and Penny, are more than happy to help in your enquiries.

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 We are a team of dedicated readers, who love what we do with a passion. Our goal is to help you find a different way to be creative in your life, to face head-on, the things that life deals out and to heal from deep within, all the things that hinder you from being the very best you can be for yourself and nobody else.

David has been on a  spiritual search since his early teens, exploring various paths and religions to develop his skills as a clairvoyant, palm and Tarot Reader. He has been part of Daylesford Tarot Readers since its inception as a reader, teacher and part owner since its inception. When asked what he does he says, "I walk my clients to the door and show them a potential future the rest is up to them."

Tarot Reader and Palmist, Medium, Clairvoyant and Teacher.

Friday, Saturday and Monday.

Alisa began a journey of transformation, three years ago when she left the city and moved to the country, near Daylesford. As a gardener and with her connection to Nature, she knows there is a time to prepare the soil. plant the seed and to harvest. With this understanding, she helps her clients with endings, new beginnings, how to plan the future and how to nurture the journey to achieve, intentions, desires and dreams. Intense study has allowed her to develop her psychic abilities and skills as a Tarot reader. The Tarot enable her to connect with clients assist their healing process and to make decisions. Her clear, concise language, brings the client, clarity and understanding.

Tarot and Palm Reader, Clairvoyant and Psychic.

Thursdays, Saturdays or by appointment.

Maggie offers guidance and clarity through the use of Oracle cards bringing all that lies within the unconscious realm to the surface for exploration and healing. She also offers hypnotherapy, to assist in healing mind, body and spirit.

Qualified Hypnotherapist, Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Intuitive.

Tuesday, Wednesday and some Weekends

Nikki is a reader of great experience who works as a channel for her clients to find a creative outlet and a means to make sense of their present situation. Nikki works with crystals, oracle and tarot decks, tailoring the reading to the needs of her clients. She is very clear cut and instructive, giving her clients tools to take away with them to use again and again.

Nikki's readings, bubble with insights from the aethers and provide the information required to continue your path in an empowered and enlightened way.

Clairvoyant, Divine Guidance, Crystal Healer, Medium

Sunday only

Bethany had an interest in spiritual development, even as a child, and is still on her journey of understanding and learning. Through her own development, Beth received messages she needed to follow to provide guidance to other people. She was very young and so a compromise was struck and after completing her tertiary studies, she is now following her life path. Beth receives messages through higher energies and has learned to channel and interpret them through the use of Tarot, clairsentience and claircognisance. Guidance and emotional healing is the focal point during sessions with Beth. She helps to pinpoint what is the inhibitor or what may be holding the client back from the next stage of their journey. "My readings are focused on the now - what will help you with the next step that you choose to take."

Guidance and emotional healing is the foal point of Bethany's readings. She will pinpoint what may be holding you back.

Suzi will take you on a journey to reveal what is, what was and to discover what is to come. With a compassionate and honest style, Suzi will connect you with your Spirit Guides, help explore new opportunities and/or seek confirmation, that the path you are on is right for you.

Tarot, Clairvoyant, Reiki and Theta Healing.

Readings Saturday & Sunday or by appointment.

Friday, Reiki and Theta Healing.

Genevieve discovered her gifts quite early, through the healing arts and traveling the world as a seeker. Genevieve works through ritual and the creative arts and is an empath, clairvoyant, intuitive medium and healer. Her maternal great grandparents were psychics of some repute in the Sydney region. 

In her readings, Genevieve takes you outside your life into a space where you can view it from a different perspective.

Clairvoyant, intuitive.

Some Weekends and by appointment.