Our Workshop schedule for the first months of 2017

We have many, new and exciting workshops, scheduled for this year ...so here is, not even the half of it!

Tarot Masterclass, Crystals Awareness, learning about Intention-Setting skills, Inner Child work ...Earth Connect to work with nature's foibles and cycles, Palmistry, Creative Writing with local Author, Penny Reilly ...in short Magick and Mayhem is assured!

Tarot Intuitive ...with David Reilly

A two-day workshop to enable you to understand the cards and gain confidence to read for others.


$150 - with purchase of the Rider Waite Tarot Deck - $170

Earth Connect ...with Penny Reilly

This new workshop with clairvoyant, Druid, Author, Penny Reilly, provides oodles of information on all aspects of living in tune with the seasons of nature, with all its quirks and abundant offerings.

So much of our psyche is governed by the changing Lunar Cycles as much as the Solar seasons. Come with Penny on a journey of discovery to find the most potent way for you, as an individual to interact with the wheel of the year and to connect to your natural self. Stay fully aligned with the planet you inhabit. Meditate and connect and you will discover how responsive She is to your needs.

Includes ...the Wheel of the Year, seasons and cycles of sun and moon, self-awareness - your place in the scheme of things, green growing things, ecology, earth magick, intuitively and much more...


$150 with notes and creative makings.

Healing the Inner Child ...with Maggie Schirmer

Are issues from your childhood, creating blocks in your energy field, body, mind and affecting your ability to create the life you desire? These inhibitors, can affect your relationships, self-esteem, financial prosperity, creativity and career. You can do something about it!

Three hours working with your inner child.



Intention Setting ...with Maggie Schirmer

You have the power to make your dreams come true and have all the things you wish for. Setting clear intentions is the key to mastering manifestation.

Four hours, defining what will make you truly happy, setting clear intentions and beginning the journey to make your dreams reality.



Living with Crystal Awareness with Nikki Earth-Spirit

Learn to empower your true essence with the assistance of Crystals. Learn how to connect with and understand them.

This workshop offers techniques for meditating and healing with crystals. Reconnect with Mother Earth, through their vibrations.



Tarot Master Class

The Masterclass, is a three-month commitment to the study of the Art of Tarot. It covers the basics of how to read and understand the cards at multiple levels, and how they can provide insightful understanding of your life's journey.

The course is presented in four days of intense study, with three months homework and self-study.

It will open you to inner vision and wisdom, assist you to trust your knowing and take you to a professional standard of reading.

Saturday, June 17th

$190 per day or $750 if paid in full.

Please call us on 03 5348 8000 for bookings and further information.

Creative Writing Workshop for aspiring Fantasy Writers... with Penny Reilly

Penny Reilly, clairvoyant, Druid, and author of 6 published volumes, would like to extend an invitation for aspiring writers to attend a weekend workshop. The weekend will be structured around Fantasy writing and will be packed with inspirational ideas and tools to help you begin the journey into journaling, writing short stories, novels and poetry.

Penny will also take you through a segment on self publishing, editing, digital publishing and creative covers for print books. TBA for later 2017 ...we are asking for expressions of interest.

Please email Penny directly at thelittlekey@live.com.au with your expressions of interest or call  03 5348 8000

Palmistry and Hand Reading with David Reilly

Again this is a workshop that David has run for several years, which gives students the ability and confidence to read for themselves and others by the end of this two unit course. The shape of hands and fingers, their texture and size, plus the lines of life, head, heart, fate (or career) and psychic intuition, are a road map of a person's journey from onset to end. An understanding of this ancient art, gives the student a different view of their live events to-date and why certain things have occurred with startling regularity. This is a workshop, packed with 'tools for change'.

To be held...

Unit 1 - TBA 2017

Unit 2 - TBA 2017


your investment $150 per Unit.

mailto: concepts@qonline.com.au or call 03 5348 8000 for all bookings and enquiries, 7 days after 10.00 am.